Advanced GNM Bite Refinement/ K7 Practicum by Clayton A. Chan, DDS

Advanced GNM Bite Refinement/K7 Practicum - Level 5 (Hands-on)

Course Description: Advanced Practical Bite Training Session to Perfect the Use of the J5 Dental TENS and K7 Instrumentation”

Prerequisite Courses: K7 Occlusal Evaluation System (Technical Training) and Level 1, 2, 3 and 4
AGD Subject Code: 180 Myofacial Pain/Occlusion, 010 Basic Sciences, 149 Multi-disciplinary Topic, 200 Orofacial Pain, 250 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry, 154 Sports Dentistry

A Private Coaching Session with Dr. Chan

This is 2-Day hands-on session limited to a few dentist who want to improve their skills and abilities in Optimizing the Bite K7 with J5 Dental TENS. Scan interpretation will be presented as to their clinical relevance. Diagnostic scans - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18 and other key treatment scans 4/5, 7, 8, 12 will be a central focus to bite taking and their clinical significance.

Reverse pulse patterns, vertical pulse patterns, Class II and Class III pulse patterns can be remedied with the Optimized BiteTM and proper understanding

The goal of this program is to train dentist and refine their skills in the use of capturing a physiologic Optimized BiteTM  using the unique protocols that Dr. Chan has pioneered in bring doctors, patients and their athletes to the "Next Level" using NM instrumentation technology. It is these protocols that doctors from around the world, elite athletes and the military have recognized as profound and game changing. Learning the skills and visual awareness of mandibular positioning and jaw relationships are crucial to all clinicians doing advanced restorative, TMD-MSD treatment and orthodontics.

A focus is directed toward mastering the use of the J5 Dental TENS - to establish the correct Optimized BiteTM and perfect the Chan Optimized BiteTM taking process accurately and precisely. Scan 4/5 jaw tracking is used to focus the clinician on what is truly important during bite recording to enhance the Dental TENS process learned in Level 1.  Learn what the expert sees and visualizes. Learn insightful bite taking tips and techniques from the expert to eliminate the confusion about NM bites and which scientific modalities are critical for treatment.

A Quality Optimized Bite -  The Foundation to Optimal Occlusion

Can you prove that your "classic" neuromuscular trajectory is the best treatment trajectory?
This two day session is focused toward giving the clinician key factors and principles in optimizing the NM TENS Bite procedure as well as the K7 Myobite.     Without a clear visual understanding and meaning of the delicate movements of the vertical, antero-posterior and lateral cursor relationships during bite taking it is impossible to optimize the upper to lower jaw relationships and appreciate the neuro-mMuscular bite procedure.
This is a hands-on program with the expert designed to assist the dentist to master a crucial aspect of clinical dentistry - how to effectively capture and record and optimized bite registration using dental TENS combined with the K7x.  Without clear knowledge how best to register a proper "optimized" physiologic bite all restorative/prosthetic, orthodontic treatment and TMD treatment is compromised!

  Course Objectives:

  • Assist the dentist in learning the detailed skills in establishing a proper vertical dimension and AP positioning of the NM Bite.
  • Master the use of the Dental TENS.
  • To focus the dentist on jaw tracking protocols - What really is important during optimized bite recording.
  • Perfecting the operators skills and abilities in capturing the optimized bite and scan interpretation.
  • Optimizing the NM Bite – What is the Chan Scan?
  • Implementing the Chan Optimized BiteTM protocol 
  • Classic Trajectory vs. the Optimized NM Trajectory
  • A focus and concentration on Scan 4/5
  • Teach the importance and value of Jaw Tracking
  • Watching the cursor.
  • Learn whether your bite is on trajectory.
  • Learn the differences between various NM trajectories.
  • Distinguishing whether your bite is “neuro”- “muscularly” stable.
  • A more in depth understanding and interpretation of all the scans.
You Will Learn:
  • An in depth review of all the diagnostic scans (Scan 2, 3, 4/5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 19, 11, 12, 13, 15 and Scan 21) and their importance for proper diagnosis and interpretation.
  • Master the skills and use of the Dental TENS.
  • How to take an accurate TENS Bite.
  • How to perfect the K7x Scan 4/5 and accuracy of the TENS bite protocol.
  • Differences between various NM Trajectories
  • Which scans are important when optimizing the NM bite?
  • Which scans are important when working with a challenging TMD patient?
  • What is important and what is not important in optimizing the NM Bite.
  • The mechanics and anatomy of the optimized NM Bite and how it affects the other scans.
  • How to take an Optimized GNM Bite using the Chan Optimized BiteTM protocol.
  • How to adjust the TENS to optimize the Jaw Track prior to taking the bite.
  • OC Optimized Scan 21- The latest and best. the anatomy and mechanics behind it, how does it affect the other Scans?
  • How to observe the movement of the cursor and its meaning.
  • What keys to press to capture markers and references during bite recording.
  • How to determine a proper vertical position.

Students are asked to bring their K7 instrumentation and connected laptop computers along with diagnostic model casts of their own mouths. Students also should be ready to implement the Scan 4/5 OPTIMIZING THE NM TRAJECTORY (CHAN SCAN PROTOCOL) lab practicum.


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement


Dr. Chan’s Pioneering GNM teachings have afforded dentist from around the world to implement clinical occlusal techniques that have achieved outstanding results in “real world” dental practices. He is a Master Dentist in the use and clinical application of Myotronics K7/K7x, J5 Dental TENS, CMS, EMG and ESG technology. His leadership and pioneering role in both “gneuromuscular” (GNM) and neuromuscular (NM) occlusion has been recognized, by his peers, for his ability to deliver outstanding care to his patients as well as present the most advanced principles in dentistry and orofacial pain/TMD treatment. When taking OC’s Masterclass training, you can be assured you are taught the most up to date and clinically relevant techniques, based on sound science and substantiated research. Dr. Chan shows and demonstrates live his proven clinical techniques that you will learn, be inspired, become skilled, successful, profitable and confident in integrating the GNM concepts into the dental practice. More About Dr. Chan

TESTIMONIALS: Read what other doctors said about Level 5 course:

"Clayton, I would like to thank you for another great course. It was a great group of dentists  there which made for a great two days of learning. When I got back from the course, I started looking at old scans and after studying them again, I was able to get so much more information that I was able to correlate to patients signs and symptoms. There is so much to learn from the  analysis of the dynamic jaw movement, if you know what you are looking at. I now feel more confident in taking an optimized bite.  Thanks again and I am looking forward to the next course." - David A. Camellato,  D.D.S., Ottawa,  Ontario Canada 

“Dr. Chan’s presentation was clear, concise and methodical. Easy to follow. The information taught was invaluable. Manual was one of the best I’ve seen in any previous classes taken.”
Dr. Abraham Katz, Herndon, VA (K7 Myotronics Owner)

 “Cannot believe the amount of material presented. Can use the information the next day in your office. I learned more at this hands on event then any other event.”
Dr. Tom Zafiratos, Chicago, IL (J5 Myotronics Owner)

“Small number of participants was great!! More individual attention in hands on made it superlative.”
Dr. Keith Alan, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (K7 Myotronics Owner)

“Dr. Chan gave us all the personal attention that we needed. Content was exactly what I needed. Best handbook that I have ever had! Most up to date information available...I haven’t had a chance to tell you how good your seminar was on Scan 4/5. I have used it twice and it makes so much more sense now especially in determining the possible bite positions."
- Dr. Terry Majors, Chattanooga, TN (K7 Myotronics Owner)

"Excellent manuals, very detailed and informative: quality like a text book. Dr. Chan was enthusiastic and knowledgable. He made sure every attendee understood the material he presented....his staff went beyond and aove my expectations."
-Dr. Ramin Mehregan, Canton, MA (K7 Myotronics Owner)

"Just what the doctor orderd regarding improving my technical abilities in finding the bite. A must for those clinicians desiring to improve their Neuromuscular skills".
- Dr. Michael Hutchinson, Traverse City, Michagan (K7 Myotronics Owner)

"I am very satisfied with the content of the course. Many of my lingering uncertainties regarding NM treatment have been answered. Dr. Chan is very dynamic and excellent speaker. He made sure all our questions were answered. I am eager to implement the information given in this course in my office. I was very happy with the instructors support...all were very friendly and helpful. I am so satisfied with this course...."
- Dr. Michael Nemec, Nova Scotia, Canada (K7 Myotronics Owner)

"Content and information was exactly what I wanted. It filled in the gaps and help with lingering treatment problems. The information was given in a flexivble manner and allowed for good questions and answer opportunities. The facility was very nice with excellent support. This is an excellent seminar with very good opportunity to problem solve cases."
- Dr. Chris Mohler, Beaufort, SC (K7 Myotronics Owner)

"Dr. Chan once again presented neuromuscular principles and concepts to us in a concise and relevant fashion combining the art and science of bite taking into an easy and reproducible way."
- Dr. Bradley Rule, Gurnee, IL (K7 Myotronics Owner)

"I want to thank you for inviting me to the Level 5 course. I enjoyed it and learn so much. I read the manual on the flight back to New York today word for word....It helped put everything together for me from your presentation. I found the manual easy to follow and it covered everything you said in the lecture. It is well written and well organized."
-Dr. Janet Levine, Tarrytown, NY


"I would like to thank you so much for all your help and hospitality during my stay.  It was my first experience attending your course for two days, so I was a little nervous in the beginning. But you treated me a like a member of your family and made me comfortable. With your help, my NM has definitely improved, and I had a wonderful stay."
- Charlie - Toshimitsu Kawada, D.D.S., Tokyo, Japan (President, ICCMO, Japan) - (K7 Myotronics Owner)

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